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Melissa's author nabbed!

Serb Net Radio down


Picture of David L Smith.
David L Smith

Melissa man nabbed!  Reports abound today of the capture by FBI of the man, David L. Smith (age 30) of Aberdeen, NJ, responsible for authoring the world's fastest spreading virus, Melissa.  Smith named the virus after a topless dancer from Florida where he used to live.  If convicted Smith could be fined upto $480,000 and face upto 40 years in prison.  He has been released on bail of $100,000.  Since its introduction last Friday Melissa has now been mutated to many different strains by copycats.  See BBC article for more details.

Radio B92 shut down  At 0900 this morning (Serb time) the Serb authorities finally caught up with the independent and anti-Milosevic radio station from Belgrade.  As we reported last week, B92 was stopped from broadcasting over the air but had been updating the world via their web site.  Their final message on the site states, "STRUGGLE CONTINUES.  WE SHALL NEVER SURRENDER.  RADIO B92, BELGRADE, SERBIA."


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