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In this issue:

Net now 50% women

IBM leads the way

Online War!

Scottish MP3 player


Net is now 50% Women  Well in the USA it is according to the latest figures (for January 1999) released by Media Metrix.   This contrasts with 82% male, 18% female as it was 3 years ago.  "It's a milestone not just for women but for the Internet," said Fran Maier,'s senior vice president of marketing and business development.  "It's delivering what more traditional media deliver.   It's being embraced. It's now part of the mainstream."  See ZDNet article for more.


IBM leads the way  IBM, the 2nd largest advertiser on the web, announced yesterday that companies that want advertising dollars from Big Blue will need to post a privacy policy on their Web sites.  The policy comes into effect from 01 June 1999.
IBM's view is that consumers visiting a Web site:

bulletshould have easy access to a company's privacy policy.
bulletshould be told clearly what information is being collected and how it will be used.
bulletshould have a choice to elect not to provide any information.

It's about time we got our privacy policy sorted out for Pendle.Net - it's implied all over the place and we have one for the Blues Festival site.  We will have and explicit policy here soon.


Online war  Well Nato may be bombing Yugoslavia with little injury to itself but in cyberspace its' a little different!  Reports emerged this weekend of an extensive outage at the Whitehouse web site allegedly caused by malicious hackers from Russia.  Today we here about the NATO mail servers being flooded (mail bombed!) with mail from Yugoslavians sending over 2000 messages per day.  There are also reports of Yugoslavian hackers attacking the NATO website ("ping bombardment") and sending mail with macro viruses (see our report on the Melissa virus).  The independant B92 website (see alternative link) has also come under attack.  Watch out for escalations in this behavior as the troubles continue.   See CNN article for more info.


UK MP3 player  Forget the Rio, here's the UK's answer to portable, solid-state music playing: the MP3-Go.  This one can store upto 100 CDs (the Rio can hold just one).


Fascinating essay on the OS wars    Check out "In the Beginning was the Command Line", by Neal Stephenson.  We have copied it to our site as there has been a lot of trouble accessing his site over the past few days.  This is a long article (not exactly designed for reading online, so you may want to print it) and you may need to don your anorak before reading :-)


Andrew Stringer, Pendle.Net Ltd, 1999

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