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In this issue:

News Live from Belgrade

Email News from Kosovo

History of Kosovo

Another History of Kosovo

A Royal Family view

International News

Links to Kosovan Independence


Live from Belgrade  Despite having it equipment confiscated by the Serb authorities, Kosovan radio station B92, which broadcasts out of Belgrade, is still managing to broadcast to the world via the Internet.   You can see their daily news updates on (the news in English is at the bottom of this page) and hear live radio broadcasts in Real Audio (needs the plugin installed for IE4 or IE5).  There's also some Real Video (again plugin required) of selected events.   If you feel moved to help out this venture then there's a web site being run from The Netherlands offering information about this.


Map of Serbia

Get Email News from Kosovo   From a most unlikely source, The Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Raska and Prizren Monastery, one of the oldest churches in the Serbian Orthodox Church.  Located in the south west of Kosovo, Father Sava Janjic runs a web site based in a 663-year-old monastery.  You can receive email updates by subscribing at the site.


The History of Kosovo  If you want the historical perspective of the troubles in Kosovo see the website of the Serbian Democratic Movement.  They also have a page of the latest news from their perspective at


History from Serbian Government   To see what the view from the Serbian Ministry of Information site.  See their page about the history of Kosovo.   Their news about the events is here.


Click here to email HRH Crown Prince Aleksandar II

A Royal Family view  The Royal House of Serbia and Yugoslavia, although fiercely opposed to the antics of Milosevic are resolutely opposed to the NATO bombing of Serbia.  Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia and Yugoslavia, previously an insurance broker and shipping merchant in London, denounced the actions of NATO "in the strongest possible terms" in a statement given on the 25th of March 1999.

See also the Daily Express article by Julia Llewellyn Smith on "Why the bombs are a waste of time, by the man who would be king of Yugoslavia".


International news   You can also be obtain international coverage from CNN and the BBC.  A BBC version of the history of the events is also available.


Links to Kosovan Independence sites

Kosova Information Center | Kosovan Crisis Center | Kosova Press | HRW Focus on Human Rights


Other Links

Websites with information on the Kosova or Kosovo Issue

Deus Ex B52

Letters from Kosovo - A 16 year old reporter, Finnegan Hamill, for Berkeley-based Youth Radio, he is receiving and broadcasting messages from a 16 year old girl, "Adona", caught in the rising violence in Kosovo.

UK Ministry of Defence - Kosovo

US State Department Kosovo Section


(Note: Kosovo - Serb spelling, Kosova - Albanian spelling)


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