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Drama in Pendle
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Drama in Pendle

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Maybe we should name Pendle, "Shakespeare Valley"!  We have at least 6 very accomplished and thriving drama production companies here.  Check out four of them on our site; the Pendle Borderline Theatre Company, Dawson Peters Productions, the Pendle Hippodrome Theatre (including their Youth Theatre (also see the pre 2002 site) and the Pendle Young People's Theatre (PYPT).  PYPT created their own material to participate in "Justice/Injustice" theme, a Lancashire County Council youth event in March 1999.

See also, "The Little Theatre" in Colne; home of the Colne Dramatic Society and Pendle Opera.

The Hypnotic Experience of Mark Storey, Lord of the Trance, is another remarkable talent from the Pendle area.


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