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Internet Story: 10 Feb 1999

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More Free ISPs

The World's Smallest Web Server

Ban those Teletubbies!


More FREE ISPs  BT in its ClickFree and LineOne internet access services is the latest to succumb to the market pressure set into swing by Dixon's Freeserve.  Yesterday they announced that from now on access will be free, apart from the cost of a local call.  Easynet, another early UK provider, are also likely to follow suit later this week.  You can see our list of free ISPs here.  In a related announcement, CIX, one of the UK oldest and most respected online providers has announced plans to open up in the US (Florida).  They are unlikely to be able to offer totally free access in the UK as the core of their subscribers comes from their unique, (and excellent, I may add!) closed conferencing system.


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Worlds Smallest Web Server   If you click on this link you will see a page delivered to you by the server pictured here.  This is the product of Professor Vaughan Pratt, a computer scientist at Stanford University, California.   Professor Pratt runs the "Wearable Laboratory" - a new department set up to look at incorporating computers in clothing.  Check out what was happening to this little server as Professor Pratt was hosting an Australia Day BBQ on Sunday (24 Jan 1999) at his house. :-)  The Wearables group is already working on a more powerful server, combining a credit-card-size Pentium motherboard with a new 340 MB hard drive from IBM that is a fraction of an inch thick and less than five centimeters on a side.


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"Ban those evil Teletubbies"   Cries from the religious right of the USA, in the name of Jerry Falwell, are to ban Teletubbies from the US TV.  The crux of this campaign against Tinky-Winky is, "The character, whose voice is obviously that of a boy, has been found carrying a red purse in many episodes and has become a favorite character among gay groups worldwide."  Not only that, he's purple and has a triangular antenna.   Of course, my children (aged between 1 and 6) are obviously thinking about gay issues when they watch Teletubbies, what else could they be thinking about?  Here's a link to Mr Falwell's "National Liberty Journal" article.   Speaking of Teletubbies, Microsoft are about to release a Teletubbies electronic toy in their ActiMates range, on a similar line to their Barney the talking Dinosaur.  You guys out there better watch which part of that purple one you grab hold of ;-)


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