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Pendle.Net Mail Boxes

It is the intention of Pendle.Net Ltd. to supply FREE mailboxes for anyone residing in Pendle or one of it's sibling domain localities.


Advantages of using one of our mailboxes

  1. You have a unique address in the area you live, e.g. John.Smith @, Sue @, etc..
  2. Do you really want a name/address like or ?
  3. If you're quick, you'll have a valuable name, e.g. florist @, HiFi @, butcher @, etc..  These are allocated on a 1st come first served basis, so hurry!
  4. You can change your Internet Service Provider (ISP) as and when you need.  You don't need to be tied into one ISP to keep your address, Pendle.Net mailboxes will work from any ISP account.  ISP's come and go, some are good, some are bad, some are expensive, some are now even free!  No matter which you choose, you can have a permanent address here.


The following domains are currently available:

Pendle.Net Colne.Net Burnley.Net Clitheroe.Net
Rochdale.Net Bury.Net Accrington.Net RibbleValley.Net
Bingley.Net Wigan.Net Salford.Net Ormskirk.Net
Macclesfield.Net Kendal.Net Solihull.Net Rotherham.Net


Free Internet Service Providers

How can these services be free?

These new breed of ISPs work on the principal that they take a cut from the telecoms provider (BT, C&W, Energis, etc.) from what you pay for the local call to them.   In the case of Freeserve, BT transfers the call to Energis.  BT gets 30 percent, Energis gets 70 percent of which a proportion goes to Freeserve.   The business model is built on having as many people online for as long as possible, that's why channel bonded ISDN is acceptable (2 call charges for the same connection - though we don't think this would work on the new C&W pricing; 2 channels for 1 call charge!).

We suspect that this business model is only going to work in the UK for now, where we are all greatly overcharged for calls by the telecoms companies.  If BT and their partners ever have to charge a reasonable rate then this business model will no doubt have to be modified (hence the rather woolly statements about advertising in the free service provider contracts).

Currently 25 to 30 percent of home accounts are with free ISPs and predictions are that this will rise to 90 percent by 2002.

So is it Really Free?

The subscription really is "free", so enjoy this while it lasts - it may be a long time, it may end soon - only time will tell.

What are the down sides to Free ISPs?

bulletSome provider won't allow access to Usenet news groups (they can be obtained from the web however from services such as DejaNews)
bulletThey all reserve the right to disconnect your account if not used for more than 30 days (you're just dead baggage if your not using the service)
bulletYou have to dial into the service to be able to pick up your mail - so no externally available POP3 accounts (this is where Pendle.Net can help out!)
bulletPhone support is a premium rate call (varies from 39p/minute to 1/minute).
bulletYou need to have CLI enabled on your phoneline (the default).

Well, where do I sign up then?

Here's a selection of what's available at the moment.  [Note: the avalanche has started to happen - we can't keep up with the almost daily annoucements of new Free ISPs.  This list is now incomplete. - 07 April 1999]  This is likely to be a very fluid market with ISPs coming and going.  Some are backed by large concerns, some seem to be much smaller operations.  Take your pick, Pendle.Net Ltd. or any of its associated companies and staff have no vested interest in any of these, we also bare no responsibility for them whatsoever:

Provider Name Backing Provider Services Provided
Free Serve

Look.gif (111 bytes)

Dixons Group Planet (part of Energis)
bulletUnlimited email addresses
bullet15Mb Web Space
bulletfree online technical support (phone support is 1 per minute at all times).  Now cut to 50p/min (30 Jan 1999)
Free Online Net

Look.gif (111 bytes)

PlusNet Technologies Ltd FORCE9.NET (?)
bulletUnlimited email addresses
bulletUnlimited Web Space (capped at 100Mb to start with)
bulletfree online technical support (phone support is 49 pence per minute from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday and at 39 pence per minute at other times).
ClickFree BT BTNET Started 09 Feb 1999
LineOne BT, News
International and United News & Media
BTNET Started 09 Feb 1999
Tesco Online Tesco Supermarket BTNET Started 30 Jan 1999
Barclays Net Barclays Bank PLC UUNet Announced 16 Mar 1999
Genie Cellnet Internet Network Services To launch on 1Mar1999
EidosNet Eidos EasyNet
bulletFREE Unlimited email addresses
bulletFREE 20Mb of personal web space
bulletFREE News server
bulletFAST V90 PSTN dial access
bulletSUPER FAST ISDN (single AND dual channel) dial access
bulletPhone support 50p/min.
Breathe Net Martin Dawes Telecommunications

also being re-badged by Toys R Us (UK)

Planet (part of Energis)
bulletfree registration & subscription
bulletsimple to install and use software
5 e-mail addresses
bullet10Mb Web space
bulletmulti-media guide to the Internet
bulletnewsgroup access
bulleton-line help
bullete-mail technical support
bulletNationwide local call access (0845)
bullet56.6 modem speeds
and also supports single user ISDN access
bulletTechnical support 24 hours, 365 days per year (calls charged at 1 per minute)
bulletALSO members can pick up voicemail messages, faxes and e-mails from its Website.   Or they can have their e-mails read to them over the phone.
Dabs online DABS Direct FORCE9.NET
bulletSame as Free Online Net
bullet5 POP3 mailboxes
bullet0890 9940000 support
bulletNews (NNTP) available
SoftNET Free Software Warehouse Planet (part of Energis)
bulletUnlimited email addresses
bullet10Mb Web Space
bulletOnly K56/V90
bulletNews groups
bulletfree online technical support (phone support is ? per minute at all times).
Telinco Telinco

(South Manchester)

bulletUnlimited email addresses
bullet5Mb Web Space
bulletNews Groups
bulletfree online technical support (phone support is ? per minute at all times).
Connect Free Connect Free


bulletUnlimited email addresses
bullet5Mb Web Space
bulletNews Groups
bulletfree online technical support (phone support is 1 per minute at all times).
FreeNet ECO International Ltd ? Athene Internet (?)

Wisper (?)

bulletUnlimited email addresses
bullet5Mb Web Space
bulletphone support is 50p per min. This number currently available between Mon - Sat 9:00am -6.00pm.
Free4All JAK Internet C&W
bulletUnlimited POP3 email accounts
bulletUnlimited forwarding and auto responding email accounts
bulletemail to fax gateway - receive emails on your fax machine
bulletemail global fax system - send emails to any fax machine in the world
bulletInternet Virus detection at source
bulletJunk email filters at source
bullet10MB of personal web space
bulletDomain name hosting
bulletQuarterly upgrade CD-ROM
bulletUnlimited telephone technical support via local call rate number
bulletMonthly email Newsletter ? Athene Internet (?)
bullet10 email addresses
bulletNews Access
bulletOne time 49 setup & support fee
FreeISP Mr M Bullock (who's he?) U-Net
bulletunlimited email
bullet25Mb Web Space
bulletFull Newsfeed
bulletLocal Call
bulletTelephone support 50p/min
bulletStarted 1Feb1999
bulletNO signup information required!
The Mail CableNet Ltd. ?
bulletSends advertisments in your mail!
bulletNo web space
bullet1 email address
bullet5+p&p for a CDROM of softeware - if needed.
Aardvark ? ?
bulletFree local call dial in only
bulletNo email
bulletNo web space
bulletNo support



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