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Pendle Witches
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The Pendle Witches


Information about the Pendle Witches goes here.  Meanwhile take a look in the Links section for other sites.

For Pendle Witches souvenirs and merchandise see Witches Galore, the famous shop in Newchurch.  Open between 1100 and 1700, every day except Wednesday where it opens between 1330 and 1700.

As for the question we keep being asked about witches performing ceremonies on Pendle Hill around Halloween, here's what a couple of well respected witches in the area have to say...

"Its practically not safe to go out that night!  The lanes round Pendle are stiff with traffic.  Its traditional to go wild on Pendle Hill that night, but of late years the police wont let anyone stop the car around Pendle, so you have to get out early and walk I suppose.  The pubs and stuff near the hill all shut.  Even in town it gets riotous I hear."

"...about Halloween for reasons of personal safety I wouldn't want to be on the hill.  I'm not a person who likes crowds or people out of control on drugs.  For a self respecting witch, Halloween is Samhain, the festival of the dead.  Same thing really.  The best Samhains have been the ones on [name withheld]'s land.  We put pictures of dead friends and relatives on the altar and bring them into the festivities."


Books about Pendle Witches

Amazonlogo.gif (2556 bytes) You can buy books about the Pendle Witches from our affiliate Amazon UK

"Oxford Bookworms: Stage 1: the Witches of Pendle", Rowena Akinyemi, Paperback - 48 pages (November 1994)

"Pendle Witches", Richard Catlow, Paperback (31 December, 1994)

"Pendle Witch-trial 1612", R. Hasted, ?

"Pendle Witches", Paula Rego & Blake Morrison, Hardcover - 56 pages ( 8 October, 1996)

"Pendle Witches: a Summary", E. Peel & P. Southern, Unknown Binding (May 1993)

"The Pendle Witches", Walter Bennett, Paperback (June 1993)

"The Witches of Pendle: Cassette", Rowena Akinyemi, Audio Cassette (December 1997)



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