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British Theatre (Mining Co.) "We look at the entire spectrum of British theatre: musicals, Shakespeare, the amateur group in the village hall to the West End.  Our focus is also on the performers and the writers, the stars and the want-to-bes."

Run by Peter Lathan, a dance teacher (secondary school) with lifelong experience in every aspect of theater.  He also runs the "School Show Page"

Children's Theatre (USA) The mission of this web page is to assist the growth of Children's Theatre into the 21st century by expanding the resources and information into Cyberspace.
Drama Collection This site contains a collection of original plays and screenplays, criticism and links to other sites concerned with theatre.  It publishes both classic and contemporary works, and would be delighted to consider your work if you'd care to submit it to our editors for review.
Dramatic Exchange The Dramatic Exchange is a web resource dedicated to the public distribution of dramatic works by playwrights both amateur and professional.
Glossary of Technical Theatre Terms UK based comprehensive glossary of technical terms.
The Internet Shakespeare Editions The aim of the Internet Shakespeare Editions is to make scholarly, fully annotated texts of Shakespeare's plays available in a form native to the medium of the Internet.
The Internet Theatre Bookshop Provide the online theatre community with an international catalogue of quality plays and theatre related books.  You can order them online.
National Association of Youth Theatres NAYT works through programmes of Advocacy, Training, Participation and Information Services to promote the quality and diversity of Youth Theatre throughout the UK.
National Operatic & Dramatic Association  
National Youth Theatre of Great Britain  
The School Show Page Online resource for school and youth theatre
Standing Conference of University Drama Departments (SCUDD) SCUDD represents the interests of Drama Departments in the University sector in the UK.  It acts as a mediating body with institutions such as HEFCE and the Arts Council and is represented on and consulted by such institutions when matters of future policy are discussed and decided.  It is concerned, above all, to promote the multi-disciplined areas of drama, theatre and performance.
Small-Cast One-Act Guide Online This site accesses playwrights worldwide, their one-act scripts for four or fewer actors in many languages, and related sundries. Playwrights, actors, dramaturgs, agents, publishers, students, and librarians should find this a rich resource.
Schools' Theatre Association! For those that are in any way concerned with making theatre in schools in the UK.
Technical Theatre Links Collection Allegedly the worlds largest technical theatre link collection - certainly has a lot!
Theatre for Children & Young Adults (USA) Oral interpretation of literature through dramatic activity, storytelling or Reader's Theater is an effective method of promoting enjoyment of literature, developing oral expression and increasing reading comprehension. The following Internet sites offer resources for such activities.
Theatre Studies A-Level Links  
The Stage - Theatre News, Reviews, and Auditions Online version of the theatre magazine.
UK Children's Theatre Pages For anyone involved in Professional, Educational Or Youth Theatre
UK Conference of Drama Schools Official UK Guide to Drama Training
UK Theatre Web Guide to professional and amateur performing arts (mainly theatre, or possibly theater if you're American or theatr if you're Welsh) in the UK.
The Virtual Theatre Project The Virtual Theater project studies the creation of intelligent, automated characters that can act either in well-defined stories or in improvisational environments.

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