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Dandy Dan

Pendle Hippodrome Youth Theatre

Accompanied by Pendle Youth Orchestra


Bugsy Malone

by Alan Parker & Paul Williams
(by kind permission of Warner Chappell Ltd.)


Bugsy Malone



Thursday 18th February
Friday 19th February
Saturday 20th February
At 7.15pm
Fat Sam


Tickets: Adult 5.00
Child 4.00

Pendle Hippodrome Theatre
New Market Street



Bugsy Cartoon

A spoof gangster musical, with a cast made up of children, accompanied by the Youth Orchestra.

FatSamsGang15.JPG (12394 bytes)
Fat Sam's Gang

The producer himself was a member of the Youth Theatre.

Set in 1929 in New York, the era of Gang Warfare, hoodlums, showgirls, dreamers and the unforgettable "splurge-gun".  The big city is turned into a state of chaos where double crosses and custard pies are rife.

Fat Sam and his arch rival Dandy Dan battle for Top Dog status.

Meanwhile newcomer Blousey Brown falls into bad company with gangster Fat Sam and his sharp tongued girlfriend Tallulah, when all she wants is fame, fortune and to go to Hollywood.

Can Bugsy Malone save the day?



The Cast





Ashton S Marbini – Chorus (Dancer) Nowell C Tillie – Radio Announcer – Chorus
Beardsworth E Louis – Chorus (Fat Sam) Oliver K Snake Eyes – Chorus
Blackburn S O’Dreary – Joe – Chorus Patel L Pichet – Velma – Flash Frankie – Chorus
Bradley S Dandy Dan Robinson C Laughing Boy – Oscar
Brown A Yonkers – Lena Robinson P Bronx Charlie
Brown G Knickles – Priest Spencer H Doodle – Chorus
Clough M Ritzy – Chorus Stott K Looney – Waitress – Chorus
Clough T Seymoor Scoop – Pop Bedier – Chorus Style J Roxy Robinson – Chorus
Edwards G Cagey Joe Sumpton C Baby Face – Paperboy – Chorus
Fothergill K Shady – Waitress – Chorus Thompson J Benny Lee
Heap N Lovella – Chorus Tranmer S Radio Announcer – Undertaker – Chorus
Hill C Bugsy Wallace H Waitress – Chorus
Hill K Tallulah Walton A Leroy – Ventriloquist – Chorus
Horsefield K Dotty - Chorus Wells K Chorus
Jackson C Fizzy Wilkinson F Angelo – Chorus
Lyle C Shoulders Wilkinson J Smolshy – Chorus
Miller R Blousey Wingfield H Bulter – Chorus
Normanton A Loretta – Velia – Chorus Wright T Fat Sam


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