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Welcome to the Home of

Stringer Communications International, Ltd.



We provide software and network design, implementation and support facilities for corporate clients around the world.  Our aim is to be customer focused in all our work.  We provide business solutions primarily, technical wizardry takes second place.


Some Key Points



  1. Web Site design, marketing, & E-commerce
  2. Design of LAN and WAN architecture
  3. Intranet design
  4. Design of bespoke software (particularly client server systems)
  5. Virtual Community design
  6. Security Consultancy
  7. OS/2 WarpServer to Windows NT migration
  8. Network/Enterprise Management
  9. Support Strategy design
  10. Support Center design


  1. Cisco WAN hardware
  2. Token Ring and Ethernet
  3. Windows NT, OS/2 WarpServer, Unix (Linux, AIX, Solaris), AS/400 networks
  4. Windows NT, Windows 95/98, Windows 3.1, DOS, OS/2 Warp, Unix desktops
  5. MS SQL Server, MS SMS, MS SNA Server, IBM Communications Server, IBM DB/2, Tivoli, IBM Netfinity, etc.
  6. MS Office, Applixware, Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.
  7. Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C, C++ (including MS VC++ and IBM VisualAge C++)
  8. Desktop/LAN integration
  9. Intranet and Internet solutions
  10. E-Commerce solutions


  1. Network Support (LAN and WAN)
  2. Desktop Support (NT, 95/98, Win3.1, DOS, OS/2, Unix)
  3. 1st line Support Center design/implementation
  4. 2nd & 3rd level support
  5. Supplier/manufacturer liaison support


We have facilities in the UK, USA, and several European countries.

For more information mail info @


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