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ASDA .v. Morrisons

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Everyone here has a view or opinion about what's going on in Pendle.  With the advent of the widespread use of the Internet it has become much easier for us to share those views with everyone around the world.

Now it's time for people in Pendle to be able to share their views.  Find something irritating in Pendle?  Had some really bad service you'd like to warn people about?  Someone really helped you out recently?  Had a wonderful time in Pendle?  Come and share your views!  We will be publishing articles written by people and submitted to us (at  Later we intend to open up these articles to discussion - so you can add your comments and opinions; agree or disagree.

Please note that these articles are the personal opinions of the authors - treat them accordingly.  They are not necessarily facts or objective analyses.  Though we try our best to verify accuracy we are not responsible for any inaccuracies that occur - use your own critical judgment to discern the value of these articles.

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You can also join in our Pendle Epinions Community - share your views and opinions with others from around the world.  Come on and join in - it's free!


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