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Internet Story: 19 Jan 1999

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Made for the Internet Movies


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1,000 Moons

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The Frog Prince

Craig Johnson, who made "1,000 Moons," said Web movies are for "imagining the display monitor as the technological hearth, like storytelling around a campfire designed for the constraints of the Net."  He calls his film a "digital haiku." His descriptions of what he's after are complex, but, simply put, the object is to use the digital format to manipulate images and their effect so that the woman's story becomes an experience that one takes part in rather than simply watches.

In "1,000 Moons" the camera is fixed and the speaker, Thea Chaloner, "choreographs" her body movements as she wishes. The idea is to entice viewers to decide what they see in the piece rather than simply to present images to them. "You're an active audience because your imagination is evolving the imagery," Mr. Johnson said.  If after watching the film you aren't responding accordingly, remember that at this moment on the Web, the beauty may be more in the eyes of the makers than the beholders. "I'm just trying to create a sympathetic magic," Mr. Johnson said.

New York Times, January 17, 1999.

Made-for-the-Internet Movies   It had to happen soon.  The Net is an ideal medium for pioneers to start creating an new form of "film".  In what appears to be a unique experiment (let me know if you know of more!) in movies created just for the Internet, Arts Tribe, Inc. have released 4 Internet Movies.    In "1,000 Moons," a beautiful young woman reveals her transcendent experience of intimate, erotic ecstasy.  While her corporeal unison with her lover, Tommy, carries her soul to spiritual bliss, she also feels the despair and pain of his mistreatment of her.  In this compelling performance by Thea Chaloner, she confronts the tragic conflict when our lovers adore us then abuse us.  So reads the blurb on their site at   You can see 1,000 Moons at The BitScreen.  It is quite a moving piece, all be it short (the Real Video clip lasts about 3 minutes) - a must for all arts and film students to see, as well as anyone else!  Also, see NY Times article.  Several other movies are available from the BitScreen site: Present Perfect, The Frog Prince and Positively Negative.
Started last year by Nora Barry, a Philadelphia-area specialist in interactive media, The Bit Screen shows several films at a time, changing them every other month.  Most are made by experienced creators of material for disk and the Web. 

Editing by computer, they continually manipulate their work. Movies can be remade after they are finished, and sometimes even while they are being shown.

Occasionally viewers are invited to participate, as with other kinds of interactive programming on the Net.

With the current low bandwidth of the Net, these "Net Movies" are somewhat reminiscent of Lumiére (the inventor of the Cinématographe in 1895) films.  In years to come this will probably the major (if not the only) method of movie production.

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Some clips from "1,000 Moons"

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Present Perfect

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Positively Negative


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RA Clip QT Clip
Thea Chaloner

An alumnus of Philadelphia Central High School, she majored in English at Clark University (Worcester, MA), where she directed "Voicing Silence: A Dramatic Interpretation of Virginia Woolf's 'The Waves '" in 1996.


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