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Home to more than 5 million people, almost 10% of the UK population.   In the 18th century it was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution that was centered on cotton mills.

At the North East corner lies Pendle.  Colne and Nelson are labeled on the map.




There is evidence of man's inhabitation of Lancashire dating back to around 8000BC in the later Mesolithic period: thousands of flint tools have been found dating from that period (Boulsworth Hill (SD929356) in Pendle is a popular place to find these).  Stone axes, arrowheads and other implements have been found in great abundance dating back to 5000BC, the Neolithic period.  It's not until the end of the Neolithic and the early Bronze Age do we start to find substantial living spaces and monuments (like stone circles and cairns).  Burial mounds, or tumuli, are found all over the place dating back to the Bronze and Iron ages.  There are several of these around the Pendle area (e.g. Castercliff (SD885384), also the site of an old Iron Age hill fort).  There's also an excellent example of an Iron Age bridge at Wycoller in Pendle.  Since the late 18th century records of archaeological finds have been kept.  For example, during excavation work on Preston Dock in 1885 workmen uncovered 30 human skulls, 60 pairs of red deer antlers, 43 ox skulls, 2 pilot whale skulls, 2 dugout canoes and a bronze spearhead - all dating from the Bronze age.


It was a long held belief that the Romans hacked their way through virgin forest.   As we can see above, this was not the case.







Pre-Industrial Revolution


Post-Industrial Revolution


World Wars


Modern (Pre-Internet Revolution)




Lancashire Hotpots - excellent site packed with info about Lancashire.

Lancashire Online - County Council site.


Some books about Lancashire

"A History of Lancashire", Alan Crosby, Hardcover - 152 pages, (May 1998)

LancashireTownsAndVillages.gif (14443 bytes) Towns & Villages of Britain: Lancashire, Michael Smout, Paperback - 156 pages (30 September, 1998)


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