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Alliance for Global Learning Creates sustainable school networking models in developing countries by providing technology, training and support for collaborative educational projects with peers around the world.

Through this work they aim to enhance teaching and learning, promote equity of access to communication and information technologies, and foster global citizenship and understanding.

Schools Online is probably the most important component of this site.   It specializes in wiring schools in remote regions such as rural Appalachia and areas of Argentina, Chile, China, Poland, and Romania.


Powers of Ten Illustrations move the viewer from the edges of the universe to the smallest known particles in 42 power-of-ten steps.
Tech Museum of Innovation Lots of galleries to visit with loads of interesting things to do - teacher resources too.


EduWeb UK site with resources for teachers and pupils.
Story Arts About story telling in the classroom.  Has lesson plans, curriculum ideas and a story library.
RAN Kid's Corner Rainforest Action Network.  Resources for teachers, parents and children about why and how we should preserve our rain forests.
Performing Arts in Primary Schools Great (only?) online resource for drama in primary schools.
T2 Online New site launched by the Daily Telegraph featuring a broad appeal to all children.
Gulistan Primary School See what a primary school in Pakistan is doing on the Net.
Excite Family A web portal site aimed at packing in lots of information about parent & child related matters - discussion boards too.
PBS Kids Fun & Games to educate the young Netizen!

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