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Visit to Kashmir - 1999

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Visit to Kashmir - 1999

In February 1999 a party of delegates from Pendle visited the region of Azad Kashmir/Pujab in Pakistan.  You can also check out the return visit of the Kashmir delegation to Pendle in March 1999.

Here are the three reports produced after this visit.

Education | Local Government | Health

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  1. Introduction

The Education Group of the visit was made up of professionals who represented a cross-section of education and related services in Pendle.

These were:

bulletMartin Burgess : Headteacher, Edge End High School, Nelson
bulletJon Stonehouse : Operations Manager, East Lancashire Careers Service
bulletMahboob Ahmed : East Lancashire Careers Service
bulletChris Reeve : Area Manager East, Lancashire County Council, Youth & Community Service
bulletJohn Mason : District Team Manager, Lancashire County Council, Youth & Community Service in Pendle
bulletWyn Smith : Director of Student Support, Nelson & Colne College

The group was able to investigate the education service at various levels, thanks to a concentrated schedule of visits and presentations.  These ranged from the Minister of Education of the Punjab, to regional administrators, headteachers, teachers and pupils.  The hectic schedule brought its own problems however, in that the quality of exchanges was sometimes sacrificed for quantity, so that the insights gained by the group were not always as deep as they would have wished. Furthermore, in so short a time, it was only possible to get a very partial view of the education system in Pakistan.  The comments and observations which follow are therefore limited in scope, and should not be taken as a general overview of the Pakistani education system as a whole.  Nevertheless, praise is due to the organising committee for enabling such a diversity of views to be heard and appreciated.

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Local Government

  1. Introduction

The members of the group were:-

His Worship the Mayor, Councillor Colin Waite; Alan Davies, Leader Pendle Borough Council, Peter Moss, Pendle Borough Councillor; Peter Dewhurst, Leader Times Newspapers; Rahila Bano, BBC Radio Lancashire; Sharan Hurst, Kashmir Working Group; Mohammed Aslam, Kashmir Working Group; Jamil Munir, Kashmir Working Group; Teresa Hurst, Student; Philip Mousdale, Pendle Borough Council.

The group was predominantly made up of councillors, council officers and representatives of the press and local radio to look at how services in the area are provided to public. However, this would include a wide range of services rather than just direct council issues.

The group was therefore keen to see examples of schools, health facilities, policing, law, youth services, culture and heritage preservation, entertainment and leisure facilities, land use and tenancies etc.

The group also wished to get a general over-view of life for people in the Azad Kashmir/Punjab region in a bid to understand the background from which many of Pendle' Asian heritage community members come. One key aspect of this would be to examine the effects of the division of Kashmir on the population, especially those living in the Indian held part or who were refugees from there.

The group was also interested in the human rights issues of the conflict.

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